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As belly dancing is essentially a physical exercise which includes physical exertion it provides different health benefits as well.

These benefits include: –

  1. Weight loss- It can help in losing weight and it is said that it can burn up to 300 calories in one hour. However, this depends on the intensity of the dancing and a healthy diet is also required. But, the combination of a healthy diet and regular belly dancing can lead to weight loss
  1. Relief from back pain and joint pain- while performing the dance, the movements such as hip drops and shimmies put the joints and ligaments in the lower back and hip through a varied range of delicate, repeated movement. These movements help increment in the stream of synovial fluid in these joints. At one point when these movements are done in the way, the pelvis is tipped forward, or tucked to some degree; in an unbiased position that can help counteract lower back issues. Belly dance can induce stress relief to the back, balancing the relatively consistent pressure of the disks in our body that happens from continuous sitting and a stationary way of life. These conditioned muscles enhance posture and help avert back agony that can be caused by the unnatural bending forward of the spine that happens when muscles in the body are frail.

  1. Stress relief- Continuous spinning and swaying can slip an individual into a state of dance-meditation. The dancer frequently finds that a session of graceful moving will clear the psyche and initiate a condition of mental unwinding. The speedier types of belly dance are invigorating and fun, and either slow or quick belly dancing can be valuable in cases of anxiety or mild depression.
  1. Helps in the child birth process- As it is a dance specifically designed for a feminine or in particular a woman’s body it can help in the process of childbirth as well. Belly dancing makes for a magnificent prenatal exercise regimen that reinforces the muscles utilized during the childbirth procedure. The conditioned stomach muscles and normal hip tucks, which similar to the pelvic rocking instructed during prenatal classes, educate the expecting mother about how to move her pelvis. For ladies who want natural childbirth, this type of activity through dancing, with its accentuation on muscle control encourages regular childbirth, as well as makes for a superb post-natal exercise that energizes stomach tone. After giving birth, it is required to recuperate from the birth procedure and these developments work the muscles tenderly and successfully, if done step by step.

  1. Increases bone density- Since the woman is on her feet and constantly moving during the dance, it is considered as a weight-bearing activity. Weight-bearing activity can avoid osteoporosis and reinforce bones. It is also biologically known that women tend have low calcium in their bones leading to low bone density. Thus belly dancing can help increase bone density in women.

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